The Extend-A-Family Board of Directors

            Jeff Short              Chair


Works as an accessibility planner; was an Extend-A-Family host for several years; has worked and volunteered with children and adults with various types of disabilities over the years, primarily in recreational/sports settings.  Serving the Board since 2008.



Filomena Nait


Parent of a child with developmental disability. Worked in a leadership role for a large national retailer for over 22 years, monitoring and improving team performance.  Served as a member on the Parent Council Committee at her son’s school for several years and advocating for inclusion.  Serving the Board since 2013.


MacKenzie Meek Treasurer


Is a Senior Accountant at a professional accounting firm and is currently working towards obtaining her Chartered Professional Accountant designation.  She has a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies, Honors Specialization in Accounting from the University of Western Ontario.  Serving the Board since 2015.


          Christine LeClair          Secretary


Mother of a son with a developmental disability; long-time member of another organization serving people with disabilities.  Serving the Board since 2003.



Tricia Klunder Member

Mother of a teenage son with Autism. In Fall of 2016, reached out to Extend-A-Family when feeling a little lost during my son’s transition into High School. The support and community of Extend-A-Family has been an absolute blessing for myself and my family! There is nothing I would like more than to give back in any way that I can. Spent much of my career as a Corporate Recruiter. Part of that role is working closely with the leadership team to advance inclusive and diverse hiring practices. I also enjoy running, bicycling, good coffee, good books and time with family and friends. Serving the Board since 2017.


Elizabeth MacLean   Director


Mother of a daughter with Down Syndrome; journalist. Member of the Board since 2016.





Nawin Mutti  Director

Working in the hospitality industry (hotels).  I have been a part of Extend-A-Family for most of my life as I have a developmental disability myself.  I am committed to the idea of inclusion for the betterment of our community.  I have done workshops and training on inclusion since high school.  In addition, I have been giving speeches on the strengths of differently abled people since 2015.  Serving the Board since 2018.



Jennifer Wilson  Director

Works in the non-profit sector with over a decade of experience in organizations focusing on disability service, health promotion, youth leadership and inclusive recreation; specializing in project management, development, organizational leadership.  She has a BA in Disability Studies with a Minor in Organizational Leadership as well as a Diploma in Outdoor Recreation Management and currently works as the Director of Development at L’Arche Toronto.  Serving the Board since 2013.


The Extend-A-Family Staff

Executive Director
Ruth Fernandes

Office Manager
Cate Downey

Jumoke Famutimi
Nusrat Motala
Anne Murray
Salvatore Rocchese
Kim Southern-Paulsen
Lee Steel
Jessica Van Wyk
Dinesan Varendran
Marissa Wolicki

Safe & Secure Futures Networks Coordinators
Nusrat Motala
Jessica Van Wyk


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