We encourage families who have a child with a disability to contact Extend-A-Family directly for more information and an application package.  Applications will be accepted before the individual’s nineteenth birthday.  A police check reference form will be required of anyone in the household over the age of eighteen.  A coordinator will visit the family to become acquainted with your son or daughter and to explore the possibilities for developing relationships.  Extend-A-Family is most effective when the family is as an active partner in developing relationships. Because the family is constant in the child’s life, it is vitally important that they understand, support and nurture the new relationships.  The PEAK Parent Centre, Inc. has produced an excellent one-page article, How Parents Can Help Children Develop Friendships, please click here to read it.

Host/Host Family

Hosts are often met as the Coordinator begins to look around the natural community of the individual with a disability and their family.  Individuals and families who are interested in getting to know child with a disability and their family will then be given an application package.  A police check reference form will be required of anyone in the household over the age of eighteen.  Potential hosts will also be asked to provide three references, including the names and contact information.  As part of the application process, they will meet with a Coordinator in order to learn more about the role of being a host/host family.  Once the connection has been established, the relationship will continue to be supported by the Extend-A-Family Coordinator, but it is essentially an independent relationship.

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