Frequently Asked Questions

• What is Extend-A-Family?
Please click on this link: About Extend-A-Family

For a downloadable brochure (Adobe Reader pdf), please click on this link: Extend-A-Family Brochure

• Where are you located?
We are located in and serve the City of Toronto. Our administration office and mailing address is:

3300 Yonge Street Suite 200
Toronto, ON M4N 2L6

Phone: 416.484.1317
Fax: 416.484.1589


• Is my family eligible to join Extend-A-Family?
To be eligible for membership, a family must have a child or youth under the age of 19, who has an identified developmental disability.  As well, the family commits itself to the mission of Extend-A-Family and wants to work in partnership to build meaningful, inclusive relationships for their child.  The family completes an application package and is registered with Extend-A-Family for support.

• What happens once I complete the application?
Your information will be passed on to a coordinator who will be in touch with you to arrange a first meeting.

• Once I complete the application package, how long will it take before a coordinator visits my home?
You should hear from a coordinator within two to three of weeks of your application and you and the coordinator can then decide upon a mutually convenient time to meet.

• How much does it cost to be a member?
There is no cost.

• My child’s just 2 years old, can I still apply for membership?
Yes. This is an age when you can start to build community connections and learn about resources available to you in your community.

• Why do I need a police check? You’re supporting my daughter, not me.
We look at our support for the family as a whole and require the police check for the safety of all. We do police checks on all adult members of your household. It is a standard policy practice for staff, family members, hosts and volunteers of Extend-A-Family.

• Do you have a wait list?
We process applications as fast as possible. If there is a wait list you will be informed.

• I’m Involved with other service agencies, can I still complete an application?
Yes. We are not a service agency, we are a non-profit support agency.

• Does every child get to have their own friendship circle?
Many children do have a friendship circle but not all. Your coordinator will personalize your supports to your child’s specific needs.

• What happens when my son/daughter ages out of the program?
We have a program called Safe and Secure Futures Network for families to continue to connect and receive support through the transitions beyond what Extend-A-Family does in the earlier years. This is generally for parents with children 18 and over but it is not restricted to these ages.

• How do I apply to become a host?
You can download the host information and application from the website. Once your application is processed a coordinator will be in touch with you to discuss the volunteer position.

• I’m a high school student. Can I volunteer with Extend-A-Family?
We do have volunteer opportunities with Extend-A-Family and have a process to go through with meeting with a coordinator and discussing possible individuals and families that you may be able to be connected with.

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