Education Links

Please Note: The resources listed below are not affiliated with Extend-A-Family.

· Ministry of Education: Special Education a Guide for Educators

· Ministry of Education: The Individual Education Plan(IEP), A Resource Guide, 2004

· Ministry of Education: Transition Planning
PPM 156 – Supporting Transitions for Students with Special Education Needs

Planning Entry to School – A Resource Guide

Co-operative Education Fact Sheet:

· Ministry of Education: Learning for All: K – 12 document

· OHRC Guideline to Accessible Education

· TDSB Special Education page: TDSB Parents Special education

· TDSB: A Case for Inclusive Education

· Five Reasons to Presume Competence

· 11 Different Definitions of Inclusion: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

· Inclusive Education Canada: Supporting the inclusion of all students in a common learning environment in their community or neighbourhood school with their peers.

· Paula Kluth: Inclusive classrooms; differentiated instruction; Literacy; Inclusive Schooling

· Integration Action for Inclusion

· The Education Act



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